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 "Never underestimate the power of a small group of people to change the world.
In fact it is the only way it ever has." Margaret Mead

Public Propositions !

..... This page provides a listing of the public propositions meant to secure a means for social change. Although, for now, there are only two, both of them have global reach and import. Were humanity to adopt these measures, I am certain great and wonderful changes would result. It would be a new age and a magnificent one that. After their brief introductions, in the following two paragraphs, the text of each proposition follows.

..... Proposition One provides a forum for asking a very simple question: Do we, the people, the vast majority of people on this planet, want an end to war? I say the answer to that question is yes. By far and away the majority of people on this planet want an end to war and all the problems associated with it. Proposition One has been read publicly for over a year by and to those who attend Sacred Grounds' open mic poetry, on Wednesday night in San Francisco. It has been almost unanimously assented to by virtue of its principals and all of us there have been very consistent in our support for it.

..... Proposition Two concerns itself with Universal Suffrage, via what is, essentially, a parallel system of polling which is of, by, and for the people. It will be a means for the people to secure their own perceptions and promulgate their own understanding of issues, causes, events as well as office holders, organizations, and governments around the world.

..... Proposition Three concerns itself with the full restoration of the terms of all treaties that the United States signed with all of the First Nation peoples of North America. It implies that this process should then become a global process.
Proposition Four concerns itself with the American Civil War and addresses the national disgrace that is evidenced by the presence of memorials, monuments, memorabilia, as well as a lack of recognition of the horror that slavery was. There are suggestions as to what should be done.

..... For an entire raft of Political Solutions, please see a draft for a political party platform sourced from Creative Ideas Consulting


Proposition One: The End of Warfare

..... Whereas: warfare is the worst of all crimes in that it embodies, encourages and rewards all others.

..... Whereas: the definition of war as used at the Nuremberg Trials is meet for the purposes of this proposition.

..... Therefore: we, The Party of the First Part, all citizens of any nation, all those who suffer from the effects and privations of war, who oppose it as a system, as a behavior, as a socially accepted institution - call for an end to war, cessation of all hostilities, the standing down of all military forces, and universal disarmament.

..... Further: let it be known, we, the people, the party of the first part, state, by our assertion at this time and place, that we stand opposed to the existence or use of military force, as we now know it.

Reading Proposition One!

But why?

..... The need for change is as dire as one might imagine it to be. Something has to be done but the governments of the world do not seem to be a source of solutions, rather they seem to be part of the ongoing and horrific problems that vex and torture humanity.

But what do others think?
,,,Yes, what do others think? That is the point of proposition two, how do we know what we, the people, want, like, dislike, believe in and or not believe in? As for war, an apt song put the question to a whole generation and the question, "What is it good for?" has not, to this date, been adequately answered.

,,,Publics around the globe are generally unhappy with the functioning of their nations' political systems. Across the 36 countries asked the question, a global median of 46% say they are very or somewhat satisfied with the way their democracy is working, compared with 52% who are not too or not at all satisfied A global median of 14% say they trust their national government a lot to do what is right for the country.

From Japan Times,2014:
Trust in elected leaders has fallen sharply.

A global median of 14% say they trust their national government a lot to do what is right for the country:
Public trust in the government remains near historic lows.

From Edelman.com, 2018:
Global Trust Index remains at distrusting level

From Politico, 2014: According to a CNN/ORC International poll, 1
3 percent of Americans say they trust the federal government to do what is right at least most of the time, the lowest figure recorded in more than 55 years of reporting.

From The Guardian, 2017:
Survey spanning 40 countries reveals how officials are failing to keep up with changes in way voters gather information and form opinions

A global public opinion survey carried out for the World Economic Forum in 20 countries,
interviewing more than 20,000 citizens, paints an alarming picture of declining levels of trust

From the Economist, 2017:
Declining trust in government is denting democracy

From PEW research 2013:
Confidence in government falls in much of the developed world

From the Washington Post, 2014:
Millennials lack of trust part of global trend

Trust in Government Index 1958-2012


Proposition Two: Universal Suffrage
Whereas: Anyone anywhere has the inalienable rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness as well as justice and equality under the law.

Whereas: Anyone anywhere has the right of redress regarding any issue, event, or concern, which is an issue, event, or concern to everyone everywhere.
- Because current polling of citizenry, the world over, shows a lack of support for its many governments - often by substantial majorities.

- Because the people, the world over, bereft of representation, are not having their needs met by their
government's policies, programs or legislation, and

- Because those activists who engage in peaceful, legal measures ameliorate or address the people's grievances have found little or no success overall.

Therefore: any individual or polity, has the right to petition for regional, national, and international support when seeking redress of grievances consequent to global issues, events or concerns.

Therefore: we, the people, must assert our right to affect the policies, legislation, or actions of our governments, hold organizations of all kinds, and or any person of influence, to account

Therefore: We, the people, must exercise our right to Universal Suffrage through a global network of polling that is of, by, and for the people.

Whereas: there is no technological or other impediments to the establishment of a global polling system that is of, by, and for the people.

Therefore: We, the people, the party of the first part, hold that Universal Suffrage, be made the Law of all Lands.

Please see the following page for more information Social Change through the "People's Poll." iVote


..... .....

Proposition Three: Restoration Act
Whereas: Those governing bodies that have, during the entire course of the colonial and post colonial history of the Americas, made treaties, agreements, or arrangements in good faith with the many of the First Nations of both North and South America.

Whereas: Most all of those treaties, agreements, or arrangements, signed in good faith have been violated, almost in their entirety.

Whereas: the colonial and post colonial nations engaged in aggressive warfare against the First Nations, practiced genocide, and terrorism to secure land, water, and other resources.

Therefore: we, The Party of the First Part, all citizens of any nation, all those who would see justice in this cause related to their own cause(s) for justice, would that the diverse grievances of the First Nations be fully ameliorated and, consequent to that, to have the governing bodies of any nation involved with similar treatments of treaties, agreements, or arrangements make such amends that the aggrieved shall be fully satisfied, all disagreements fully ameliorated and the aggrieved peoples made content with the process and results in resolving all the issues relevant to this great cause.


. ....

Proposition Four: The Historical Remembrance Act
Whereas: the Civil War of the United States of America was triggered by states, regions of states, and territories because they wanted to preserve the practice of slavery. This fact is made clear from writings by leading Confederate politicians, news sources of the day, writers, and many other public records.

Whereas: the slaves had their certain inalienable rights systemically and grievously violated, treated in many horrific and terrible manners, and had no recourse or means of amending their lots.

Whereas: that from the post Civil War era until today the effects of this horrific treatment are extant, common, painful, and worthy of due and just considerations.

Whereas: the presence or public display of Confederate monuments, memorials, flags, insignias, or the honoring Confederate leaders, heroes, or noteworthy personages of historical import in any way, is criminally offensive to the sensibilities of those descendants of slaves, those whose ancestors fought in the war against slavery, as well those who would now relegate those who fought for or supported the ignoble cause of the Confederacy to complete and total social ignominy.

Whereas: Germany has done some remarkable effort towards atonement for the Holocaust and has outlawed the public use of NAZI insignias, flags, salutes, and more; that we, in the United States, adopt similar laws, practices, and remediation, or do them one better.

Therefore: we, The Party of the First Part, all citizens of any nation, all those who would see justice in this cause be related to their own causes for justice, would that the diverse grievances of those brought to the Americas as slaves be fully ameliorated and, consequent to that, to have the governing bodies of the nations involved with what has been described as The Slave Trade make such amends that the aggrieved shall be fully satisfied and contented with the process and results of resolving all the issues relevant to this great cause.


..... I am intent upon problem solving and, in association with Creative Ideas Consulting of San Francisco, I am embarking on another means of affecting the warp and woof of our social fabric so as to promote a healthy change in the evolution of the human civilization or community on Earth.

..... Much more is coming but this note provides notice that help is on the way, in the meantime, to make inquiries, see the following link: Email Dan!