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 "Never underestimate the power of a small group of people to change the world.
In fact it is the only way it ever has." Margaret Mead

Job Creation and Social Engineering

* Orbital City,

..... This is a "poor man's" way of getting off world. This would be the construction of a man made ring orbiting earth. It would use materials from the solar system, in part, for its structure and would be a new frontier visible from most anywhere in the world. It would be a promise, a hope and more, a launch platform for a sustainable extraterrestrial life.

* Terraforming the Earth

..... This is a pure job works plan. It would need tens of millions of employees all over the globe, the tasks at hand could take decades, easily and the topper is that the work would never truly be done. Some estimates have it that there are over one hundred million men or persons at arms in the world, this seems evidence that the human power exists, all that remains is the will to do something on this scale.

* Naturalizing North and South America

..... This is a speculative job works plan. It could take centuries or millennia to complete. The principle involved would be turning back both North and South America to a natural state. The first step would be a gradually, read multigenerational in scope, period during which new construction of any kind would be restricted at first only to areas already built up, then, as time goes on, there would be a gradual removal of human presence from all parks, reserves, preserves and an effort to "naturalize them" further. Any human made structure would be removed in reverse order of its creation. Newest things being removed first and the oldest going last. Eventually there would be a complete intercontinental nature preserve. This effort would continue for areas such as the Tigris Euphrates, the Nile, the Yang Tze and a few others, the Danube say. The idea would be to reduce severely, the extent of humanities footprint on the planet.

* Large multi-generational grand works projects

  • a) The gradual retreat of humanity from various regions of the Earth so that portions can be returned to the wild. Prime targets for this would be places like Alaska, most of Canada, and vast portions of the United States, Australia, Africa and central Asia. I think that for the vast most part, the nations of the Western Hemisphere as a whole should agree to the gradual removal of European and African peoples even as the ecology is repaired to a pristine condition. This monumental make work program would take a century or more to accomplish but it would, I believe, make way for the final step, the return of the Asian peoples as well, and the restoration of a completely natural environment. Controversial as this may be, it would be a great triumph of social organization.
  • b) Outer space is a fine and challenging frontier. It can serve many purposes not the least of which is that humanity could sublimate a portion of its aggression into its development. The projects could be of an epic order. One such is the development of a self sustaining colony on the moon or another body in the solar system. interdependence among nations, and create wealth.
  • c) Reclamation of deserts, such as the Sahara in Africa, the outback of Australia, any of the deserts around the world.
  • d) A world transport net, including international bullet trains and transforming the intercontinental and international highway systems to a common standard of construction and design with duty free gates which would facilitate trade.
  • e) The building of a new metropolis dedicated solely to the medical sciences and arts of healing and health. A city might be chosen to receive this project or some competition for being chosen might be derived. There could be other subject specific cities designed.
  • f) Suggestions for the political restructuring of Africa African nations have artificial borders imposed upon them from the colonial times. These gradually need to be altered to allow for a good degree of tribal homeland unification within the nation state system. I see that a bicameral system like that used in England could be developed where one house of the legislature is open to any person who wins an election, and the other house is open to the ruling class of the tribal organizations. Much like the House of Commons and the House of Lords in England.
  • g) The development of a space program, which could be hailed as Humanity's Sustainable Space Program This is a simple, yet eloquently complex idea for social engineering. The essential idea is that there be a space program. whose purpose would be to remove the absolutely toxic nuclear and chemical material from the world, transport it into orbit, where it would be let to fall into the sun with some small reserve stored on Mercury for research regarding potential repurposing or recycling. This jobs program would employ several hundred thousand individuals in any given year over the course of decades. It would be a profitable concern and we'll have a solution for the most egregious forms of pollution. We will have a space program that will provide benefits to all human kind and encourage cooperation on a scale rarely seen in human history.
But why?

..... Any one of these ideas would require unprecedented international cooperation to accomplish them. This alone makes any or all of them, worthwhile. For the effort will transform the very nature of society and the means for its governance. There would be no end of successes, no end of prosperity, and no end to an expansion of prosperity that would make for the start of a brilliant new age.

But what do others think? 
I begin with a few findings, just to see what others mean when they say billions of jobs, well, no one is talking about job creation on that scale, the closest I came was Millions of Jobs and then there is Monster Jobs, by the millions?

Then I sought out listings that had to do with future jobs, but the farthest estimate I came across were those thinking of 2030, 2050 or 2100.

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..... I am intent upon problem solving and, in association with Creative Ideas Consulting of San Francisco, I am embarking on another means of affecting the warp and woof of our social fabric so as to promote a healthy change in the evolution of the human civilization or community on Earth.

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