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 "Never underestimate the power of a small group of people to change the world.
In fact it is the only way it ever has." Margaret Mead

Garage Based Business, (GBB)

These are all ideas that are simple enough to be used by anyone with a reasonable capacity to organize and self promote. While I know that several of these have been tried out successfully, success depends on the ability to create something of use to those folks you know - neighbors, friends, and family. Feel free to use any of them, or, as has also been the case, when I've described these ideas to others they also come up with a viable idea. Once the concept of a GBB is understood many possibilities come to mind.

A very important consideration to mull over before using any of these ideas is to understand the local regulatory or legal requirements for engaging in any home business or, as I call them, Garage Based Businesses.

- Fishing Exchange,
this is a single garage where a group of friends store all their gear and borrow, trade or sell items to each other, it is akin to a resource center and it's a great idea for other kinds of recreations or hobbyists as well.

- A neighborhood lending library
for books of all kinds and sorts. It could evolve into a reading room, or a place where reading circles or groups meet to share books.

- Garage based package delivery and storage
for a given neighborhood someone uses his or her address as a place where packages and so forth can be picked up and or delivered. This would help for those who work and a possible income source for those who are in need but cannot commute or travel well because of health issues. Receiving mail could be done in a neighborly way.

- A rehearsal or recording space for acoustic musicians, spoken word artists.
It could also be a place where simple recordings or video clips could be made.

- A neighborhood game
room for evenings or afternoons of checkers, chess, cards, board games and more.

- A facility for small non-profit groups to make fundraising items for sale. I have idea for Paper Works, a combination of origami, decoupage, to create Paper Wallets using folded paper bags of various sizes covered with colored tape, pictures to create coin purses wallets and so forth.

- Non-profits building's garage
could be used by a nonprofit organization for a workspace, office space, storage space and so on.

- Renting out a refurbished garage for a rent-a-desk-space kind of office space,
a place where people can have an office space. Writers could be interested in this.

- Sauna in a garage
using the units on sale currently or by making one's own, a homeowner could set up a sauna/spa in a garage.

- Organic Atomizers,
using recipes for air-fresheners one could purchase atomizers or just sell volumes of the liquids that are certified organic and used in the homemade recipes.

- Home Air Fresheners
- Aromatic, dry, organic room freshener, solar powered window unit: please write for information regarding this idea.

- Writing for Hire,
this is right for someone whose writing skills are above or far above average. One can then contract out and help people compose letters to businesses, schools, employers and so on. One could also look over letters, forms, documents, and applications of all kinds. In sum one uses their expertise in language arts to lend an assist to those who are in need of such expertise.

- Contained pet sitting,
each pet would have something appropriately sized, some might be as large as a baby's play pen, in sum a comfortable and far more open space than is usual. These "units" could be stationed in a well cleaned, heated garage unit. These units could be soundproofed and visually isolated to give each pet privacy which could have a calming

- This is the "ongoing" garage sale:
This works best in large cities because it involves the selected harvesting of other garage, moving, and estate sales, going to flea markets as well as driving around neighborhoods looking for cast off items, which could be cleaned up, repaired, painted or repurposed. In San Francisco or other similar areas it could be a side business if you have a garage or can sell smaller more lucrative items via the web.

- Neighborhood Food Bank or sharing facility, This is fairly simple to describe but can be done in many ways. It would probably be best done in cities where population density makes it practical.

- Small scale recycling, Again this would be best in a densely populated neighborhood, recycling, reusing and repurposing of a wide variety of items.

- A Local Bicycle storage and repair club. This is also simple to imagine and could facilitate cycling, rental could be done as well.

But why?

..... ..... Well, this is not really just one idea it is a class of ideas that may be of help to the ordinary home owner in terms of gaining some increased income stability and, when others see the success they will attempt to emulate that success and try out new ideas. It is a win - win - win

But what do others think?
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I am reminded of the years I spent in jobs that I didn't like and am thankful that I get to work from home doing something I love. If you are longing for that, I encourage you to work out what it is that you would love to be doing and keep at it until you are doing that:

Manufacturing and selling garage workbenches with little investment capital and basic carpentry skills

Let's face it. Our garages are definitely not what they once were. Today's garage space is equally divided between the traditional place to park the family vehicles, the man cave, the spare bedroom, the work out area, the hobby center, and in today's budding work-from-home environment, more garages are doubling as inventory space and small business centers

Recently, our friend and business associate MJ Gottlieb published an article about why entrepreneurs might consider starting their business in a garage. We found it insightful and wanted to share his key points, along with a few thoughts from the Fishbowl team:

..... I am intent upon problem solving and, in association with Creative Ideas Consulting of San Francisco, I am embarking on another means of affecting the warp and woof of our social fabric so as to promote a healthy change in the evolution of the human civilization or community on Earth.

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