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Global Open Mic, Virtual Venue Listings

Updated 06 – 26 – 2020 Version 1.1.4

Virtual Venues, Live Literature, Word of Mouth, Speak Easies, and the Fine Arts


How to contact Dan Brady re the Global Open Mic:



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Be advised that different nations have seasonal time changes. In England they have British Summer Time and in the United States there is Daylight Savings Time. When exploring or inquiring please keep that factor in mind.

We can improve this list, and by so doing, make a difference that we, as poets, as humans, as civilized human beings, can utilize for the benefit of one and all. As we learn to appreciate, hold dear, and value, the expression poetry sourced in our precious, perfect hearts to those of others we will forward societal evolution.



Why a Global Open Mic?



It is long past time for poets to have a way to speak on the world stage. Since no one is likely to provide us one, we poets will have to build it ourselves. The Global Open Mic is a means toward that end.

It is a place where live streaming open mic poetry, will be heard, from everywhere in the world to anywhere else in the world.


The first objective is to have three venues representing each of the worldÕs 24 time zones. This will be called the Ring Reading, as weÕll then be global. Ultimately IÕd like to have 200 venues listed by September first, 2020.


For that larger purpose I may revive the original Global Open Mic, please take a look:


So I am asking people to seek out new venues, visit with them, and pass this word along and or for people to send me the information needed to make a listing for that venue, of course this wonderful and inspired effort is a labor of love. If you want to be An Explorer, let me know as other explorers or I can offer advice.


Please note each Virtual Venue has their own way of being contacted and or arrangements to be made in order to participate; we ask you to respect those.


One advisement: I think it is common courtesy to enter a meeting with your sound on so you can listen, but with your mic muted. Please wait for the host to greet you. Sometimes you may be in a virtual waiting room and wait until you are brought into the meeting.


Also, many of these venues require Zoom; one can download it at for the free version.







Rivertown Poets, 0115 GMT, Tuesday
Mondays with Sandra Anfang at 6:15pm PST Petaluma
Contact Sandra: mailto:

Join us in beautiful virtual Petaluma for a weekly poetry reading and open mic. We begin at 6:15 and generally run from one to two hours. On first Mondays, and some additional Mondays, we have one or two twenty-minute features. The open mic follows. Reading time for open mic is three minutes, but do bring an extra poem in case thereÕs time for a second round.

HereÕs how to find us: Log onto and choose the Weekly Poetry Reading link. You can sign up for open mic in advance (optional) by filling in the Jotform. First dibs for those who sign up, but everyone will have a chance to read.



Escape from Quarantine, 01:30 GMT, Tuesday

Mondays at 6:30pm PST with Alexandra Naughton, San Francisco

Sponsor my Patreon

Join our weekly zoom chat to meet with friends without having to leave your house. This is a space to just talk with friends and people in the writing community about the state of the world and how we feel about it and also share a little levity and poetry.






Coastside Poetry Open Mic, Half Moon Bay, 0100 GMT, Wednesday

Second TuesdayÕs from 6:00 to 8:00pm, PST spoken-word poetry

OPEN READING. Contact: Diane Lee Moomey or Steve Long

If youÕd like to participate please let us know by the Friday before the event. Again, we ask that you please not sing or accompany yourself with music. On the Sunday or Monday before the event, we will send out an email ONLY to those who have responded, with instructions and a connecting link. We will be limiting the readersÕ list to 25, and the total number of participants to 35, so please respond early if you wish to be included.



Belmont Poetry Night, Belmont, 0200 GMT, Wednesday

Third Tuesdays, 7:00pm PST via Zoom

Contact: Jacki Rigoni,


Jacki, the Poet Laureate of Belmont, hosts a reading each month, with a notable featured poets and an open mic. Please join in by sharing a poem, either your own or by a favorite poet or just pour a cup of tea and listen in. We welcome friends in poetry from around the world.



On the page off the page, 0200 GMT, Wednesday
Second Tuesdays, at 7:00pm PST
For information contact the host: Richard Ivanhoe






Sacred Grounds, San Francisco, 0200 GMT, Thursday

Wednesdays, fine poetry since 1972 – 7:00 to 10pm PST

Contact: Dan at


A Virtual Venue with Live Literature by Word of Mouth, and weekly themes. We welcome new readers, encourage diversity, support justice, and encourage activism! It is also fine if you just want to hear and enjoy, feel free to stop by

Face Book:

Links to web pages and Documents regarding Sacred Grounds

To see video from the Cafˇ:



Sidewalk Beirut, 1730 GMT

Wednesdays, 815pm sign up, Beirut Time – 10:15am PST

Contact via:

Sign-up on the event page, click on an event link to see the Zoom link

This is Beirut's first and only weekly Open Mic! Come dance, sing, play, read, joke, laugh, perform, or any form of self-expression that you'd like to do – the only limit is your imagination!


Sidewalk Beirut is a sister initiative of Paris Lit Up a transnational Open Mic and literary organization. It aims to offer to Beirut, what PLU offers to Paris, a consistent and dependable space where you can be free, share and grow. We encourage all forms of self-expression, and welcome it to the stage. Let us explore, experiment, and encourage! At each Open Mic, we will have a different featured artist, and all sorts of interesting people who have dedicated themselves to their passion and craft.



The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative Open Mic, 2300 GMT
4th Wednesdays, Charlottesville, Virginia, 7:00pm EST 4:00pm PST

(3rd WedÕs in Nov. and Dec.)

open micÕs webpage URL:

One week in advance contact Patsy Asuncion for the Zoom link

This ZOOM Open Mic is for ALL Artists – ALL Ages, Acts, Genders, Skin Tones – To BRIDGE DIVERSITY! While most of our five-minute performers are poets and other writers, we have had ten-year-old singer-songwriters to comics in wheelchairs and many fine musicians. With permission, performances are posted on the Patricia Asuncion YouTube Channel, which has 17,300 views as of mid-June, 2020.






Not the Time to Be Silent, 1900 GMT

Thursdays, weekly at noon (8pm in Ireland) – 12 noon PST

Face Book Group:

Email contact:


Please use your name to participate on this zoom call, there is a waiting
room for entry, so bring your patience. This is a closed group, in order
to participate, please join their facebook group, or contact via the email.



Berlin Spoken Word, Berlin, 1730 GMT (on break until 7/23)

Thursdays, 7:30pm, Berlin time, runs for two hours – 10:30am PST

Contact: Naniso Tswai or Mary Vlasuk via -

See the Facebook:


We host a 2/3 hour-long open mic session each week. Each week we have a theme. We welcome all forms and levels of spoken word. The event is hosted in English but we are open to performances in all languages. Performances are limited to 5 minutes and we ask that you adhere to our code of conduct (no bigotry or discriminatory language



Palabra. 0200 GMT, Friday

2nd and 4th Thursdays, 7:00pm, PST with Ted Washington, San Diego

Contact Ted:

Palabra is held 7pm the second and fourth Thursday on zoom.
We are based in La Bodega Gallery in Barrio Logan, San Diego, CA

TedÕs Press:



Museum of the African Diaspora, 0100 GMT, Friday
Alternate Thursdays, 6:00 - 8pm PST San Francisco
Contact:  Nia McAllister,

Visitors can find the event on our website:

Description: Open Mic Thursdays continue at MoAD with an evening of spoken word poetry hosted by poet Nia McAllister, featuring amazing artists from throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Please get on the reading list beforehand for a three-minute open mic floor spot.



LOVE in the Time of COVID Poetry Open Mic, 1900 GMT
The third Thursday of every month at 3:00pm EDT, Ontario – 3:00pm PST

Contact Richard at


A monthly online poetry open mic series hosted by Owen Sound Poet Laureate Richard-Yves Sitoski. All are welcome. What have you been working on? What are your thoughts? Where are we headed. We only get 40 minutes, so we have to keep it tight.  First come, first served. Everyone gets an initial three minutes, then we go around again until time is up. Participants are reminded to mute their mics while readers knock our socks off. See you then! Richard-Yves Sitoski, Owen Sound Poet Laureate 2019-2021



Take Place, San Francisco, 0130 GMT, Fridays
Occasional Thursdays 6:30 to 7:30pm PST

Contact: Dasha:

Hosts: in spring 2020 were Masha Aleskovski & Angel Johnson

Featurs and open mic, all literary and experimental genres welcome based out of

San Francisco State University – it take a summer hiatus and is active during the

Academic Year. Open mic slots, 2 minutes each -

Face Book:



Fire & Dust Poetry, 1930 - 2200 GMT

First Thursdays Coventry City, England, UK – 12:30pm PST

Contact or Host: Raef:


This happens the first Thursday of every month, featuring one headline Poet and open mic performers (open mic slots are approx. 5 minutes). The Event is hosted in English and poetry in English is preferred, although native tongue plus translation would be welcome.


You'll need an Eventbrite ticket to access gig URL and open mic sign-up details - tickets are free. Each Facebook event includes a link to the respective Eventbrite tickets page.



Survivor's Poetry Gigs, 1830 GMT

4th Thursdays, 7:30 – 9:30pm BST – 11:30 PST

Survivors' Poetry Lockdown Lounge Parties on zoom.

Host: Debbie McNamara

Contact -

Survivors' Poetry was created in 1991 to promote the writing of Survivors of mental distress. The term 'Survivor' is a self identification and encompasses Survivors of addictions, abuse, eating disorders and people with diagnoses of neurodiversity. We draw connections between writing and performing poetry and mental wellbeing.

The monthly Lockdown Lounge Parties on zoom feature a Guest Artist and a lineup of invited Special Guests, with plenty of time for poets from the floor to perform as well - just  turn up, no need to book. People who just want to watch are very welcome too! We also have Survivor singer-songwriters and other musicians so bring a poem or a song to share! 

Survivors' Poetry also have monthly live events at The Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden, London which feature a longer set from an invited Guest Artist, our Resident Musician, one of our team of MCs and Open Mic. The Poetry Cafe is  currently closed until further notice due to Covid. So please join us on zoom to meet new friends, celebrate our community and share our creativity!






Spilled Ink East, 2400 GMT
Second Fridays 7:00pm EST- 4:00pm PST
Contact Host: John Dutton for show information:
Spilled Ink VA is an open mic night that celebrates the written word. If you wrote it, we want to hear it! Join local authors, poets, and scribblers as they read their work. All are welcome to listen or read. Be brave!



Close to Home Open Mic, 0130 GMT, Saturday

Fridays 6:30pm PST California

Hosts: River Navaille, Tommy Pieper

Contact: for signup and Zoom registration



706 Society, first Fridays, 2000 GMT

The First Fridays. 1pm PST

Contact Host: Constant L. Williams

For information regarding the venue and how to attend.


I cohost alongside my friend Lydia Hirsch. To avoid trolls — I can be contacted at this email for the zoom link. Once at the event there is a first come first served sign up period until 1:30pm at which point the reading starts. The readers are encouraged to read a couple poems in any language.



MitchÕs Art Party, 0230 GMT, Saturday

With Mitch and friends, Fridays San Francisco – 7:30pm PST

Contact Mitch:




Zoom Saloon, 0200 GMT, Saturday

The 2nd Friday 7:00pm PST Oakland

Contact: Clve Matson: or at 510–508–5149


"Zoom Saloon" is at 7pm on the 2nd Friday; it was the "Poetry Saloon and weÕd

get drunk on poetry"! We'll have a half hour to chat and check in before the

reading will start, as usual, at 7:30




Friday Lunchtime Poetry, 12:00 GMT

Fridays, 5:00am PST

Host: Martn Vernon, County Claire, Ireland,


I am hosting a weekly open mic meeting for poetry lovers. Each reader has 5 minutes to share one or two poems. Poets read their own work, some people read their favorite poems and others just like to listen






Open Pages: A Word Arts Show, 0300 GMT, Sunday
3rd Saturdays! 8:00 - 10:00pm PST
Host: E.K. Keith

Anybody Anywhere can phone it in! All are Welcome!
There are Features and Interviews on this phone-in Open Mic!
Mutiny Radio – Streaming from San Francisco, CA, USA
Listen Live:  
Web site:

Phone-in only open mic: 415-550-0511



The Music of the Word, La Palabra Musical, 2000 GMT

The 4th Saturdays, 3:00 – 5:00pm, PST San Francisco

Host is Avotcja, Still in English, Spanish, Spanglish y Lo Que Sea

Contact: see the announcements at:


Tell everyone to tell everyone!



Ugly Beauty, 0300 GMT, Sunday

First Saturdays, 8:00 – 10:00pm PST Berkeley

Hosts Gamal Abdel and Karla Brundage:

For information see:






Presence – Poetry & Music Open Mic, 1900 GMT

Every other Sunday (8pm London time) (noon PST)

Host; Alastair Murray


Presence is an open mic performance space aimed at young social change makers, using music and spoken word to explore identity and belonging at a time of global crisis. Once restrictions lift, weÕll go back to St Ethelburgas, but we could be on zoom sometimes.


Free/donation: Join the mailing list by filling out a form beforehand for the zoom link There should be time for up to 10 floor spots, first come first served!


Sign up for the mailing list, the zoom link is sent out beforehand. Free/donation


Donations welcome There is no charge to join Presence but if you would like to give something in support please click here