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 "Never underestimate the power of a small group of people to change the world.
In fact it is the only way it ever has." Margaret Mead

Human Motivation!


..... These are ideas for mechanical add-ons that would function as a means of facilitating an individuals capacity to travel at speed. The first is a thought experiment posing that a kind of bicycle could be built that uses, the legs, arms, and torso to power and direct it. The second is a simpler thought experiment proposing the construction of a set of extensions for the legs and arms which, together, would facilitate speedy movement.

The Hyper-cycle

..... This is an innovative improvement on the bicycle. The essence of its design is to allow both the legs and arms to power its motion. For this reason, it would be a recumbent device and I dubbed the ideas the Hyper-Cycle

..... My first draft idea is that the front wheel would be centered near to the knees and its power chain would reach back toward it from the pedals which are set even farther out front. The rear wheel would be set behind he cyclist's back. The cyclists hands would have grips, instead of pedals and the power trains from them would attach to an extended axle of the rear wheel. The Hyper-cyclist will steer by a combination of means, leaning to one side, of course, but also, and mainly, by using hip, back and abdominal muscles to alter the alignment of the front and back wheels of the Hyper-Cycle.

..... The cyclist's seat will be based upon a swivel point, in design much like a "Lazy Susan." The cyclist will then be able to alter the alignment between the front and back parts of the hyper-cycle. In essence the bicycle will flex around its center and so allow steering without the usual handlebars. Braking would be via grips available to the hands much as with current cycles.

Quadrupedal Runners

..... Because of my lower right leg's disablement I have long sought a means to reestablish a means of running.

..... The most recent idea is sourced from an experience I had when I was in junior high and on crutches for a short time. I found that I could run on crutches, if I went backwards. The essential motion that allowed this was that I would "windmill" the crutches backwards and, when they hit ground, I would lean and jump back then repeat those moves. I could also pivot on a given crutch to make very fast, tight turns if I leaned to one side as I made the move onto a single crutch.

..... So, at first, I thought of getting a pair of crutches and trying out something similar but moving forward instead and then I thought to add a kind of leg and foot extension because of the stress any running movement would cause my lower right leg.

..... In sum, I would have extensions of my arms and legs. The arm extension would be longer than the leg extensions. The leg extensions would be attached to my hips legs and feet. My shoes would be fixed to a platform attached to the leg extension and these would have an extension beyond my feet, perhaps several inches in length with any one of several ground contact options.

..... If all portions of the device were connected properly I could then run, or rather lope, much as a giraffe does.


But why?

..... These ideas are interesting in and of themselves. They represent challenges to engineers, designers and manufacturers. But imagine zipping along in a human powered vehicle or loping along in the western wilderness. These ideas were from the inspired realms. In the case of the second idea it it based on personal experience which, much later on, caused the development of this idea and, n the case of the second, it was based on a dream that I had in which I was piloting such a vehicle, which, I think, could achieve great speed.


But what do others think?
Wikipedia gives us an overview

The World Human Powered Vehicle Association provides an overview of that is the current state of the art.

This offers a wide-ranging outline of
the recumbent approach to cycling power.

So there are human powered cars,
some with solar units some with other more fanciful designs.

We are a multidisciplinary team of engineers from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (SD Mines) who take part in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) Competition every spring.

Oregon Human Powered Vehicles is dedicated to riding, racing, and building all types of alternative bicycles, tricycles, and human-powered craft.

..... I am intent upon problem solving and, in association with Creative Ideas Consulting of San Francisco, I am embarking on another means of affecting the warp and woof of our social fabric so as to promote a healthy change in the evolution of the human civilization or community on Earth.

..... Much more is coming but this note provides notice that help is on the way, in the meantime, to make inquiries, see the following link: Email Dan!