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 "Never underestimate the power of a small group of people to change the world.
In fact it is the only way it ever has." Margaret Mead

The Terraforming of Venus

..... This would be a much simpler affair than making Mars hospitable. Venus would be transformed via the introduction of a small sampling of microorganisms from Earth. These would, in consuming the Venusian atmosphere, yield an Earth like one.

..... The atmosphere of early Earth, before life, and that of Venus now has it that such a plan may work. The "seeding" would take place in the uppermost regions of atmosphere, at least at first and be delivered by drone like vessels brought there by a mothership, an interplanetary craft designed to deliver the drones. The mother ship would enter a stable orbit and then gradually release the drones, which would "dip into only to bounce off of" the planets atmosphere.

..... The specifics of the delivery, the kind of microorganisms and other essential details await technical expertise to develop a program

..... The first step would be to construct, on Earth, a contained model of the Venusian atmosphere and experiments would be run to determine which organisms would "do the job" when introduced to the Venusian atmosphere.


But why?

..... What is interesting about this project is that the cost of doing the research and the technical issues involved with constructing the space craft are all very, very small in comparison to space programs that currently exist. I theorize that a small nation or a particularly wealthy individual could undertake this mission, should they decide to accept it.

..... What would a new planet be worth? How long would such a transformation take? Would Venus begin to rotate? All interesting questions.

But what do others think?
What does Steven Hawking have to say about survival and colonizing planets?

How about terraforming Venus via "smoke and mirrors."

Universe today asks how we can terraform Venus,

This paper claims to say that terraforming Venus could be done in less than 200 years

From iO9 Gizmodo we see considerations concerning if we were to terraform a world should Venus be the first one?

Comparing Venus and Mars as candidates for terraforming, what do you think about it? I mean before you read the article.How about after?
Here is a brief history of terraforming schemes for Venus, and one is somewhat like what I suggest, we shall see.

This is a link to a pdf documents detailing a synthesis of modern approaches to terraforming Venus This is available after you sign in, that can be done vie FaceBook.

And here we have the interesting title,
"Terraforming: Human Destiny or Hubris?"

A very over simple view of the means humanity may use for terraforming Venus

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