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 "Never underestimate the power of a small group of people to change the world.
In fact it is the only way it ever has." Margaret Mead

Mars Made Home!

..... Mars can be made habitable for human civilization and not as current theoretical thinking has it, either. Imagine the planet transformed from what it is now to a beautiful world covered by a profoundly deep ocean. I would call it, Oceania.

..... How you say? This is how: humanity would use a fleet of remote control drones to harvest from interplanetary sources the masses of ice existing there free for the taking, notably those about Saturn.
..... Once delivered to the the rings of Saturn, the drones would seek out bodies of ice. Once in contact with a body of ice they would use solar panels to generate electricity used to liquefy the ice. This water, in turn, would be boiled to provide thrust. In sum, once in position, the drones would use solar power and ice from the masses they are going to redirect to generate the thrust needed to nudge the ices masses toward Mars.

..... The ice bodies would be tracked so that their trajectories could be adjusted to as to intersect with the orbit of Mars. This process would, eventually, provide the planet with an ocean of some 4,000 miles deep. Of course, this will increase its mass off Mars significantly, thicken its atmosphere, and in so doing, warm the planet. Its gravitational gradient will be more similar to Earth's and there would be no shortage of food, the ocean providing a plentiful source. Floating cities would be the means of surviving on the surface. We'd call this world Oceania, nice!

..... An alternative to that means could be the destabilizing one of the Plutonian class dwarf planets. The body would then spiral sunward on a trajectory that coincides with the orbit of Mars. The body would approach Mars in line with the orbit of Mars but at an acute angle. The plan is to have Mars capture it as a moon and; then, because of the consequent transfer of momentum, the orbit of Mars would be slightly affected and move sunward to some degree. Eventually, this moon could be broken up and supply Mars with vast amounts of water. This process could be repeated, perhaps. Also, smaller and closer in bodies of ice, such as those of Saturn's rings or Jupiter's, could create new planet, with Earth like gravity and an all encompassing body of water, again we'd have Oceania. An alternate recipe would be coaxing Pluto to mix it up with Mars and so produce a similar effect, forming a new planet, to which then other dwarf ice planets could be added to cool the surface of the planet and then, if need be, the plentiful supply of ice in the solar system could be added, as needed.

..... Neoterra, another recipe: simply assembling the debris already extant in the solar system. The asteroid belts come to mind, the rings of Saturn for ice and so forth, and then the Plutonian planetoids. There is probably enough material for a few worlds, what say?
But why?

..... This project would be of such scope as to provide many hundreds of thousands with life long career work. It would also provide a unifying purpose for many industries and technological fields. It would provide a reason for humanity to work together for a common good. It would provide humanity with a second chance. All the technological aspects of this plan are within our scope. These are the reasons why this idea is being introduced.

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..... I am intent upon problem solving and, in association with Creative Ideas Consulting of San Francisco, I am embarking on another means of affecting the warp and woof of our social fabric so as to promote a healthy change in the evolution of the human civilization or community on Earth.

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