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Part One        The Coming Week * News and Notes * Upcoming Features * Global Mic

Part Two        Last week * The Zoom Information * Recommended Bookstores!

Part Three     Procedures * Meeting Info * Protocols * Smart Phones

Part One

This Coming Week * Upcoming Features * News and Notes * Global Mic


Our First Show is at about 7pm, the Second Show at about 840pm.

We hold to a 4-minute limit, participants observe their time; we’ve a timer to assist.


This Coming Week      08/04/2021 @ 6:45pm PST sign-in


At this writing we do not have a feature for August 4. However, the 1428 Poet’s will have Sharon Scott Kish as a feature on the first Tuesday, August 3rd, at 630pm, hosted by Antoinette Payne, Britt Peter and yours truly providing Zoom. The same information used for Sacred is used for that venue – so come one come all!


The Team: the Co-pilots, team, and Back Channels (for Sacred August 4th)

The Keynote:
Brett Benson The Last Word: Victor MINI Feature: John Curl The evening’s Co-Pilots: Antoinette Payne and Brett Benson, but we’d like another to add in, it helps so much, please, the Evening’s Theme is: Fact is stranger than fiction thanks to Avotcja – The Timer: Britt Peter —if I err, we’ll fix it up.


Sacred Grounds Café - 2095 Hayes St @ Cole – S.F., CA - 415-387-3859




If you have difficulties, or need information, once in the meeting, you can chat, or message our Co-Pilots for help, or use our Dial-A-Poet: 415 – 236 – 0850. This forwards to the host or someone who is in the meeting.

Upcoming Features:




I spoke with Teddy, although he is open, in accord with the practices of the moment, seven days a week, he closes at 3pm. He wants to put off the poetry until next year. Sally Love Saunders says he was enthused at the prospect.


04     TBD


11     TBD


18     TBD


25   Gerald Nicosia




 9 – 22   Paul Corman-Roberts  Special Event: The 100 Thousand Poets for Change, our event for this outstanding Global Movement! 


Be advised we seek recommendations for features. I’ve been sent a few but as the year seems quite open, let me know if you’ve seen someone bring down the house, raise the roof, and so on or if you care to have one of our own be placed in the lime light, please let me know!

Part Two

Last week
* The Zoom Information


Last Week:  Notes and Quotes:


The First Show


Keynote: Britt Peter: “We go out together” by Kenneth Patchen and “Another Spring” by Kenneth Rexroth great poets, great poems, read by a wonderfully powerful poet - AnneW:  read a poem to/about her grandson, her first visit. All the thoughts and concerns, ideas, phone calls, zooms and more ... birthing center, contractions quicken ... the colorful coverage, so well done, chubby feet, silken hair, 16 years since grandchildren ... she was ready for his blue blue eyes ... Everett - ZariyaR: an activist for the homeless makes a return visit to us “ ... me ... will I do something crazy?   Call the cops ... call the cops ... I am what you fear most ... a nagging reminder that but for the grace of god you would be me...”- Roarshock: on the theme: the Golden Gate Bridge, “the mystical construction with its perfect ... uncanny effect ... its efficiency cannot conceal the artistry...” then a summer poem set in a hamburger stand ... stray, gray bleary Santa Barbara morning ... crow caw caw constant cause ... I am trapped between four walls ... smoking el dopo in magnificent fragrance ... poems voice speak through me - John Rowe: some selected shorts “Are the deeper meanings really here” which brought about considerations of a there, not there, here, for a moment ... a deep and everlasting moment.  “God of Art” naked as a paintbrush for a multidimensional portrait. “Hippo Blues” blowing the blues into the snake of a horn ... playing Rhino Reds - Victor: Debut, first on the “churlish universe which is verbose ... one final humble word ... at the end of it all ... without speakers to speak ... the final universal noun ... is unspoke” - AliceR: food for thoughts, on the theme, Golden Gate Bridge, “floating in the grey clouds ... looking up and down ... below high altitude workers ... my brain clears beyond the bridge ... dreamland over the Golden Gate. Lovely - TommiAM: “Footsteps” “papa pumped gas, greased cars ... smelled of sweat ... I typed out poems on is typewriters I smelled of similes free verse ... my goal to escape the dreams he had for me ... all I know the handsome men who men who seduced me like song....” and “Highways are wounds that don't heal.  Like the deer and antelope who don't make it to the other side” Gorgeous - StephanieM: Welcome back!  Two haikus beautiful, wondrous ... “be grateful for green and hope” and a poor, unfortunate driver, chaos but no injuries ... welcome to the next stage of your difficult life - NormaS:  “we drive along the coast ... ocean inlet sound cover ... we are loosing the world we knew ... what was deep forest ... what was bright and sharp, full of talk ... to let stumps stand that way ...  fresh tariffs make everything cruel ... everything costs ... fish, elk, crops ... grow sparse ... I am learning to listen ... moving to ward off time we move toward home ... we hold close the particles still at our core – the intensity of green caught at the corner of our eyes.  We coast toward what we came for. ”   Articulate journey poem.  Lovely - WendyW: making room for enlightenment ... ordinary enlightenment that happens every day in the blink of an eye ... – everything in its place ... how many eons did it take for this moment to arrive ... a world brimming with sun ... smiles ... people the feeling of wholeness ... I like that thought - make room for ordinary enlightenment.  Happens every day in the blink of an eye.  How beautiful countermands any kind of righteous arrogance.  Woohoo! - BrettB: an observation on the best self ... it uses the strength of that knowledge to ensure the peace you have ... – your breath is in tune of every bit of knowledge ... every spec and star ... I and the universe are one ... may the light guide me along the way ... and the Sun’s Dawn’s Flute a piece after Hafiz ... coming back to the space where you believe in the your divinity - DanB:  an ode to death, a piece on Malala and some consideration of what it is you need to know - AntoinetteP: “neighbors warn disbelievers ... drowning in misery ... the priest arrives ... ensuring wholeness with out disclosure” a poem “affirmations for Ruth” a wish list of healing a beautiful series of considerations for a dear friend, well done ... she is wondrous ... books she’s written, anything but mediocrity ... you will walk strong again...”


Feature: Jeanne Lupton: The Chesapeake Bay Bridge, crossing the bridge with a friend who fears heights ... I don’t tell her that that this is where I stopped and jumped. She mentioned failing at suicide, led to an awareness of her difficulty, and this led to healing ... New Tanka is her theme ... “it is the poets job to make the private public, Ginsberg –  “Abandoned by a lover at Mt. Shasta consoled under the stars in a hot tub with a stranger”  “Acton street ... also an adventure...” – “I write poems to the nearby plum tree now a tree’s branch with ripening fruit reaches into my balcony” – I got married the day the Berlin Wall fell, one of those were not a mistake – Carlos and I at a church feeding the homeless belly full heart full ... of happiness – (honoring Carlos Ramirez) – orange juice at a café in California ... going for a drive up the coast, that began ... in Virginia – She sang her cemetery plot classic ... “my cemetery plot is big enough two I want to spent eternity with you..” – and a few from her book 75th birthday I won’t need food, for my next 25 years I’ll be a love-i-tarian – on reading my book a life long friend said she knew me as a poet in elementary school – we did a quick q/a session lovely –  a salient quote: “The more specific the detail in a poem the more universal the poem ... ”


The Second Show


- The Last Word:  Richard Ivanhoe:  on the theme, he read “The Mighty Task Is Done” by Joseph Baermann Strauss the chief engineer of the GGB, but he was also a poet: “The Mighty Task is Done” is his signature piece on the bridge replete with language and classic styling making for a great read, “here nature yields to the restless urge of man … ask them the price they paid … ask of the steel, ask of each single stalwart part what gave it... power - BrittP: an echo of the two pieces he read as Keynote: “morning fog ... coffee and waffles ... a poet records his feeling ... a theatrical puff of smoke ... thick fog over Tamalpias a beauty - JohnC: we are reminded that the Golden Gate, the term, used to refer to the water between the land points north and south, and it had that connotation because of the gold rush.  The bridge took its name from the body of water.  And a piece on water flowed from that consideration “... where water flows, onto children faces ... on star maple branches ... snow on the hills ... the clouds, waterfall, flowing past turtle tongues ... funneling into whirlpools ... why do clouds still cry themselves to sleep ... why are two million American raindrops in prison ... life is a form of water ... rain is life ... we are children of the morning dew ... ” - Avotcja: “we were there long before it all began ... we helped with the placement of the constellations ... the precision of Orion’s belt ... witnessing the beginning ... before love was kidnapped and commoditized ... we were the real deal ... you and me ... we were infinitesimal points of light ... before living in shame of any kind of nakedness became unholy ... offspring of another dimension ... we were nature’s smiles ... god ... dizzy from our song ... we were there listening ... cosmic peep freaks ... the inevitable repollination of the one ... Here is a very special event coming up Friday the 30th!


Avotcja’s 80th Birthday Party on Zoom: Friday July 30th, 730pm

Bird and Beckett Books Facebook Live:

Or here:


Poetry, Jazz, and the Fire of Wordsong!

With Sandi Poindexter, violin

Francis Wong, sax and flute

Heshima Mark Williams, bass

Myron Cohen, drums

And Avotcja, poet, multi-percussion


This is the LEO PARTY of the year! Suggested Cover: $2 to $20 to $200

Sliding Scale No-one turned away for lack of Fund - Send contributions

- by PayPal to Venmo to @birdandbeckett,

- by the Cash app $BirdBeckett.

- pledge your contribution by Email

- You can mail us a check or drop by the shop in the coming days.

- For more info: (415) 586-3733

- To learn more or about other events:

- Tell everyone you know to bring everyone they know, see:


- MINI Feature: Karen Melander-Magoon: she followed with a piece on Malala, dovetailing nicely with mine ... thank you for that – “when your heart is heavy speak to the wind ... the birds will lift your heart ... both death and life open doors ... both are rivers to truth...” – billionaires ride into space ... but who will stop corporations from fracking and burning carbon, warming our atmosphere ... even the moon cannot pull back...” A graceful voice, clear and perceptive providing us perspective on several troublesome aspects of our current affairs  - Ellen: graced us with her presence, thank you - TaneeshK: “how can one woman be a cotton ball and a razor ... work with crippling grief ... and  be a juicy pineapple ... yell in vibration ... with a love so tender ... burn down like sage brush and recover to renew ... its their super power baby … we use divine light to breathe life into people  …” - GarrettM: a classic “Juneteenth from Washington DC” and unwrapping the present we find ... one empty box ... and no word of apology ... – the “miracle” of privatization ... three cheers for the ability to do what you want with it ... your private sector is your own kingdom ...”

- The Last Word: Clincher Closer Super Duper Bull Dozer: Richard Ivanhoe: “The Changing Light” by Lawrence Ferlinghetti ... a great SF poem ... it is a take of color, shape, historical references ... “the veil of light of early evening and then another scrim ... the city drifts anchorless up on the ocean ... – and then one of his pieces on the beauty of crossing the GGB ... the rainbow tunnel, the tops of the towers disappears in the mist ... to the west a container ship ... headed for China ... cyclists and skaters on the western sidewalk ... to the east Angel Island ... no one in the tollbooth since 2013 ... no one to say hello to ... a beep and click ...


We had 4 people visiting to listen in as far as we could tell!

The Zoom Information


If this meeting ID or PW become compromised, they will be changed ASAP, possibly
on the day of the meeting
. The plan is to update this newsletter, the link to it can be found in the posting on our Facebook page:


You may invite persons you trust but you will have to let us know about them when we let you into the meeting.  Please do not share the meeting information on social media.


Meeting ID: 221 224 5102                Password: 135246

The URL/Link:


One tap mobile

+16699006833,,2212245102#,,#,135246# US (San Jose)

+13462487799,,2212245102#,,#,135246# US (Houston)

Dial by your location

        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)

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        +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)

        +1 253 215 8782 US

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Find your local number:


Favorite Bookstores:


Adobe Books

3130 24th St, SF, CA (415) 864-3936


Green Apple Books and Music
506 and 520 Clement Street, SF, CA  (415) 387-2272

Hours: 10am to 9pm, Book and music buyback hours: 10am-6pm daily at 506 Clement


Bird and Beckett

653 Chenery Street SF, CA  (415) 586-3733

Open six days a week Tuesdays to Sundays 11 a.m. to 7 pm
with limited browsing curbside pickup and delivery also available


Florey’s Bookstore

2120 Palmetto Ave – Pacifica, CA  (650) 355-8811


Part Three

Procedures * Meeting Info * Protocols * SmartPhones



When you come to the meeting, you will be in a waiting room before a manager brings you into the meeting. Bear in mind it takes time to get set up and although we can send messages to the waiting room, we cannot hear back from it. When we’re ready, the copilots, as co-hosts, bring readers into the meeting as I randomly select a number card to determine a reader’s place in the line-up. Once in the room, please keep the room muted. We post a list of the reading order when we have it done. People who arrive after that process are given the next available slot


We may adjust the line-up, make announcements, and read the checklist before we’ll begin. After every fifth poet we pause and that’s when we can take questions or resolve issues. 


There is more information on the meeting in a following section; it is good to be apprised of what it says because it does change.

Meeting Info


1) There are co-pilots and/or a receptionist; together we manage the sign-in, monitor mics, and answer questions by chat, text, or phone. It is my hope that the virtual version of Sacred will have the respectful and easy friendly ambience of the open mic at the café.


2) Vetting: if you are new to us, we verify your connection to someone already in the meeting or communicate with you. As you are brought into the meeting we may discuss your place on the reading list, please do jot down your number.


If you are calling in by phone what we see depends on your settings. We usually see a phone icon and the phone number or sometimes a name and a graphic. If you can set it up so we see your name and last initial, that will help someone in the meeting to recognize you and so facilitate your entry.


While you wait for the show to begin, listen to announcements, look over Zoom’s controls, and try the participant, and response options, chat with friends, acquaintances, or others in the room for assistance or contact one of the Co-pilots if needed. During this time keep your mics muted as we fine-tune the reading list before the reading begins.

3) Please mute your mic as we begin the show. We’ll ask each reader to unmute their mics after being introduced and expect them to mute their mics afterwards.


We announce readers in sets of five so you’ll be forewarned of your turn at the mic. Please be ready in advance to unmute your mic and begin reading after you are introduced. This way we can have more time for more poets. As time goes on, we will relax this practice as we create a friendly supportive space for artistic expression.


4) While we love the sound of applause, it is heartwarming and perhaps we’d rather a poet hear applause – but one can respond using the program’s tools, thumbs up or clapping, gesticulating wildly in your video, posting comments to the poet or the group, and by raising and lowering your virtual hand. As we create a friendly supportive space for artistic expression, we will learn how to both respect the mic and sound off in a friendly, manner supportive of artistic expression.

5) When you hear us say, “mind your mic” make sure you mic is off, that you are quiet and or in a very quiet environment, as someone reads. We can and will mute someone’s mic if it seems they’re unaware of their audio input. When you hear us say, “care for your camera” check your lighting and how you appear in the picture frame.
6) Some poets like to have others see their work as it is read. We can share documents to read along if the document is on your desktop. It is best to ask about ahead of time. I, personally, enjoy seeing the work as it is read.



Be aware we do not tolerate any form of hate speech, racism, or disrespect. There may well be no warning before you are exited from the group. We will make note and alert other venues to the extent that we can.


Be helpful as needed. As we learn to do this, we, together, will create and modify the procedures and protocols. Help friends, acquaintances, and new arrivals, via chat, texting, phone calls, and emailing one another so as to advise and make this experience smooth as the proverbial baby’s behind.


Be compassionate. Together we make this a wonderful event; together we will get everyone on the mic; and together we’ll have wonderful time!


Please monitor time. Use your smart phone, a kitchen timer, the clock on your device, or the Zoom program, when in doubt check in with the timekeeper.


Please monitor your auditory input. Know when your mic signaling and respect the mic, the speaker, and the audience by letting everyone be heard.


Inviting others if you are going to invite others someone we may not know, It would be good for you to show up early on so you can help us vet them in order to let them into the meeting.

Do not post the meeting ID. We ask that you do not post meeting information on social media or give meeting information to those you do not know. – the circumstance, described below, has to be considered.


ZoomBombers, intruders who disrupt Zoom meetings. In response the host or co-pilots can mute mics, cancel cameras, prevent desktop sharing, and delete participants.


This is why we make it a bit difficult to find the Zoom information, use a waiting room, vet entrants, and restrict screen sharing.

SmartPhones by BrettB


We have a report that android phones works well with Zoom. There is a general caveat, the older you phone; the more issues tend to crop up, the same can be said for your computer. Sometimes disconnecting the video helps make audio clear.


Also, if you come via a phone we may only see an icon and your phone number, so we won’t know who you, are and this might delay your entry.

The steps for downloading zoom to the phone:

A) Go to the "App Store" which on iPhones is the blue square with a white triangle symbol
B) Once on the App Store, go to the bottom right corner to "Search" with the magnifying glass. Click on it.
C) After this, go to the top search bar and type in "zoom". This should be enough for people to find it. If not, they can also search "zoom clouding meeting".
D) The App they are looking for is entitled "ZOOM Cloud Meetings" and it is a "blue background with a white camera". If a person searched for the App correctly, it should be the first option that pops up.
E) In the top right corner, click "GET". It will then ask you to put your thumbprint in for identification, or maybe not, depends on your phone.
F) **This App is free; so do not worry about being charged money at some point in the future.
G) Once it downloads, click "Open".
H) You will then be taken to a white screen where one of your options at the bottom will say, "join a meeting". Click on this box.
I) At the top of the screen, there will be a place, which says "Meeting ID". You cursor should be there blinking. If it is not, tap on "Meeting ID".
J) At the bottom, type in the code Dan Brady has provided which is our "Meeting ID" number.
K) As you click "Join", your phone will ask if you want to join with video. Most of us say yes, but I think you can join without video (perhaps? Not sure).
L) To do audio with your phone, it should come up on your screen with two options. The option you want is "Call in" and then you should be setup ready to go.
M) Phones can be fun, but it is much easier I feel to use a laptop if that is accessible to you. However, a phone can definitely work as we tried it last night :)