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Part One:     The Feature * Zoom Information * The Team * Upcoming Features

Part Two:     Last week, in notes and near quotes


Our First Show starts at about 7pm while the Second begins at about 830. We hold to a 4-minute limit, participants observe their time and we often have a timer to assist. Reminder: Second Wednesdays is our hybrid event, with Faithful Fools being the live venue, the address: 234 Hyde between Turk and Eddy. Arriving early is suggested.


Part One


For our feature, we have a special event, a wonderful and recent feature, Finlay Hall, will be introducing new poets featured in a new anthology, “Poems for the end of Time”I understand we have two from the USA, both powerful poets and known to me, Rick Spisak and Michael Sindler. We may also hear from Susanne West, who will be new to us and another who may debut: Soy Avacodo from Singapore. It will be grand, new voices, new connections some of the things I appreciate about Sacred.


La Promenade is back!  Per Brett Benson, the venue will be starting up again!  Brett will provide some details either this evening or via Facebook, the next newsletter I send out, or the email.  It is slated for March 2nd the first Saturday of the Month, please make a note.


A new venue: Poetry at Presidio SFPL: I came across this opportunity with the SFPL. I can offer to be the zoom host if two persons were the live team. It could be a hybrid event, much as Antoinette has at 1428 Poets. The branch does not have evening hours; I would suspect a late morning or afternoon weekend day would be an opportunity. This is a great chance to create a new venue! Please email me if you have interest.


Zoom Information:

The meeting number: 221-224-5102 – and the password: 135246
Zoom Link:


If zoom is ever compromised an update will be posted

 - either in the newsletter:'sWeeklyNews.htm

 - or on the FB page:


The Team:

Barbara Saunders  Last Word: Tommi Avicolli Mecca  Mini-Feature: Avotcja  The Co-Pilots:  Richard, Tommi, and Brett – but others can try it out!  The Theme is: “Coming to March” Thanks to: the power poet, Garrett Murphy  The Timer: DavidE, who provides great support — Last, if I err in any of this, let me know and I’ll fix it up.


Upcoming Features:


We are seeking features; I mainly do this through recommendations. If you’d like to have someone new to us feature, encourage them to attend one of our events, or, if you have a hankering for one of our own to bask in the limelight, please let me know.

March 2024


6            Mr. Ed Mycue – a wonderful voice, a new book with exciting poems, glad to have him!

13          Jan Steckel – Features for the Second Wednesday’s hybrid event at Faithful Fools!

20          Heather Flescher – a poet of passion, who enjoys changing up styles and presentations

27          Karen Pierce Gonzalez, with her latest book, “Coyote in the Basket of my Ribs”


April 2024


3            Tommi Avicolli Mecca – a powerful poet, as we know, now we hear from his novel!

10          Kitty Costello, Features for the Second Wednesday’s hybrid event at Faithful Fools a widely appreciated poet whose voice knows no bounds, wondrous!

24          Making arrangements for something special


May 2024


1            Guy Biederman this remarkable poet has a way with words, to say the least! Hear his latest.

8           We have the world honored Greg Pond for this Second Wednesday’s hybrid event at Faithful Fools!

15         Kimi Sugioka,


June 2024


12          Cesar Love Features for the Second Wednesday’s hybrid event at Faithful Fool – Cesar is a long-time supporter of Sacred Grounds and is well regarded in the poetry community.


July 2024


10          KR Morrison Features for the Second Wednesday’s hybrid event at Faithful Fools a widely       appreciated poet whose voice knows no bounds, wondrous!



Part Two


Last Week:  In notes and near quotes: As you may well know I was not able to host Sacred last week as I had a procedure scheduled for that day, something of a change in their scheduling. The doctor said it went well and I await further word.


     From what I’ve heard things proceeded smoothly and am glad that we have a community that comes together to continue on and make for an evening of powerful poetry, thanks to all of you who managed the show, those who attended, whether reading or not, and to the patience of the feature for coping with a sequence of changes.


The First Show




The Second Show


Last Word





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